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Documents required for the personnel assigned to our institution with KPSS-2020/2

In order for candidates who have been placed in our General Directorate according to the results of 2020/2 placement of the Higher Education Board of Assessment, Selection and Placement Center, to apply to the personnel unit of our Regional Directorate in the province where they are appointed, together with the following documents, by 29.01.2021, in person or by mail. required. If the documents of the candidates who will deliver the documents via mail do not reach our Regional Directorates until the end of working hours on 29.01.2021 at the latest, the candidates will be deemed not to apply. Considering the postal transportation time, it is important to be sensitive about the issue in order not to cause unjust treatment.

This announcement is a notification and no written notification will be made to the candidates other than this announcement.

It is announced to the relevant people.

1-Internet printout of the placement result document
2- A photocopy with the original diploma
3- Photocopy of Identity Card / Identity Document and 2 Population Registration Sample Documents to be obtained from e-Government
4- Criminal record certificate (documents received via e-Government will be accepted)
5- Military status certificate for male candidates (documents received via e-Government will be accepted)
6- Committee report received from a fully-fledged State Hospital or Official University Hospitals
7- 8 photographs (in accordance with the dress code)
8-CV (It will be prepared in the form of a handwritten text.)
9- In addition to the above documents, candidates who have been placed as lawyers are required to submit a lawyer license, a document showing that they have worked for at least two years after obtaining a lawyer license and a document showing their insurance premiums.