Capacity 61 500 kg
Tare 28 500 kg
Floor Area 52 m2
Yükleme Hacmi 137 m3
Bogie axis 16 660 mm
Chassis length 20 460 mm
Length from bumper to bumper 21 700 mm
Platform heigh 1 195mm
Wagon Height 4 013 mm
Wagon width 3040 mm
Bogie type Y25 Lsd 1
Bogie between axles 1800 mm
Wheel Diameter 920 MONOBLOCK
Axle Load  22,5Ton
Daw gear Bilezik Sustalı (Tip 540)
Daw Hook 100 Ton
Semi Auto Run. Plug. Coat Suitable
Buffer type Ring Snap Ring Switch (Type 540)
Compressed Air Brake SW-GP-A
Regulator Type DRV 10H-600
Handle box type DP1- YF
Hand Brake  On the side
Chest Type Sheet Construction
Filling Assembly Sliding Doors on the Side Wall
Unloading Device Side Wall 4 Sliding Doors
International Business Characteristics RIV Compliant
Loading Table A-B1 B2 C         A           B          C          D
S    33,5 t    43,5 t    51 t    61,5t