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Human Resources

Recruitment Procedures

Contracted Personnel Recruitment Procedure

Our company determines its personnel needs within the framework of the President's Decision regarding the General Investment and Financing Program of State Economic Enterprises and its Affiliated Partners and notifies the General Directorate of Labor. The General Directorate of Labor sends these requests to the Directorate of Measurement, Selection and Placement Center. ÖSYM informs our Company about the placement result by making the placement among the candidates who are successful as a result of the exam (KPSS).

The candidates who have been placed by ÖSYM are examined whether they meet the required conditions and the appropriate candidates are appointed.


Getting workers to be Implemented in Public Institutions and Organizations Procedures and Principles on "scope, specifying the terms of the personnel to be assigned to our institution as workers for the first time Turkey has requested from the Employment Agency.

Turkey Business Association said the regulations to meet our this request (including test scores and other heart conditions) will send workers to our company by creating a list of candidates, taking into account. The exam commission of our institution subjects the sent candidates to an oral exam. Successful ones are put into action.

About Graduation Thesis Applications

In order for you to do your graduation thesis at TÜRASAŞ Eskişehir Regional Directorate, TÜRASAŞ Sakarya Regional Office and TÜRASAŞ Sivas Regional Directorates;

- You have to apply with a cover letter from the Dean's office for your department.
- Personal applications are not accepted.
- The student's name, surname, class, number, the name of the course, the subject of the thesis, the name of the teacher from whom you took the course should be included.

The cover letter from the Dean's Office is submitted to the General Directorate for Approval. After the Approval of the Authority, if your Work Accident and Occupational Diseases insurance is made by your University, you can do your thesis study in our Company.

Technical Trip Opportunities

- Requests from Universities and Vocational High Schools who want to organize technical trips to TÜRASAŞ Eskişehir Regional Directorate, TÜRASAŞ Sakarya Regional Directorate and TÜRASAŞ Sivas Regional Directorates; It is evaluated according to the work and production status of our factories.

- If our units requested to be seen are available, Technical Trips are allowed for a maximum of 2 hours.

Technical trip requests contact information:

Eskişehir Regional Directorate Contact Information

Address Ahmet Kanatlı Cad. 26490 Eskişehir · Türkiye
Phone +90 (222) 224 00 00
Fax +90 (222) 225 72 72

Sakarya Regional Directorate Contact Information

Address Milli Egemenlik Cad. Mithatpaşa Mah. No:131 54100 Adapazarı / Sakarya / Türkiye
Phone +90 (264) 275 16 60 (10 lines)
Fax +90 (264) 275 16 79

Sivas Regional Directorate Contact Information

Address Kadıburhanettin Mah. Fabrika Cad. No: 12 Sivas/Türkiye
Phone +90 (346) 225 18 18 (pbx)
Fax +90 (346) 223 50 51
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