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Information Security

Our institution carries our own brand, not only in our country but also in the international arena, by maintaining its dynamism in the sector with a dynamic structure, not static in the changing and developing world conditions, by following the sectoral developments closely with an innovative perspective, reaching wider segments with its technology-intensive production and ensuring the continuity of stable growth. aims to be the pioneer of the sector with new generation products.
In this context, within the framework of legal compliance, access controls in accordance with the principle of knowing as much as necessary, and security measures in accordance with the developing technology are taken. Considering the information security threats, an information security risk management system is implemented that provides an appropriate balance between risks and measures in terms of organizational information assets and services. In this context, our information security purposes are;
1. Access to the information assets of the Institution only by authorized persons, ensuring the accuracy of the accessed data and being accessible within the expected periods,
2. The electronic environment owned by TÜRASAŞ, taking precautions regarding the sharing and security of information assets, evaluating the information within the scope of confidentiality, integrity and accessibility, ensuring protection from all internal and/or external threats that may arise intentionally or accidentally, and ensuring that the activities carried out are effective, accurate and fast. and safe,
3. Ensuring information security and business standardization in the management of information systems,
4. Ensuring compliance with legal requirements, contracts and standards.

We undertake to allocate the necessary resources to realize the determined information security objectives and to establish, operate, maintain and continuously improve the information security management system in accordance with the TS ISO/IEC 27001 standard, to evaluate the effectiveness of the ISMS, to continuously improve it and to ensure that it is understood by all relevant parties.

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