Permanent Employee Recruitment Exam Results


                Procedures and Principles to be Applied in Recruiting Permanent Workers to Public Institutions and Organizations
In accordance with the provisions of the Regulation, our General Directorate's Continuous Employee Recruitment Notice via İŞKUR
TÜRASAŞ Eskişehir Region by the 1st Notary of Eskişehir on 12.02.2021.
The right to participate in the oral exam from the main list as a result of the lottery drawn at the Social Facilities of the Directorate.
The oral exams of the winning candidates have been completed.

         Written notification to the candidates whose names are included in the main list according to the results of the Oral Exam.
will not be done and announced by an announcement. Assignment of the original candidates who are successful in the exam
The documents listed below will be sent between 22.03.2021-03.04.2021.
to the Regional Directorate to which the application is made until the end of working hours.
is required. Those who do not submit their documents until this date will be deemed to have waived their rights and
they will not be able to claim rights. Despite being on the main list successfully in the exam
Documents will be requested from the substitute candidates, respectively, instead of those who do not submit their documents.

 Heavy and Dangerous Work Health Report (From a full-fledged State Hospital
 Criminal Record (Documents taken within the last month, received via e-government will be accepted.
 Photos (6 taken in the last six months)
 Original of Diploma

      As of the announcement of the oral exam results, the candidates will be able to receive the Exam within 2 (two) business days.
Board (name, surname, T.R.identity number, address information and wet signature of the objector)
non-petitions and e-mail, fax and so on. through or after the objection period has passed, even if it is duly
Applications made later will not be considered). Objections receive 5 (five) days after they reach the Examination Board.
It is decided within and notified in writing to the concerned parties.