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Sivas Regional Directorate

Our TÜRASAŞ Sivas Regional Directorate, which has been serving our country's railways since 1939, carries out its activities in a total area of ​​418,000 square meters, 110,000 square meters of which is closed. In our Sivas Regional Directorate, maintenance, repair and manufacturing of freight wagons of different types and characteristics used in the national and international railway sector, and the production of spare parts for all kinds of rail system vehicles are carried out.

Our Sivas Regional Directorate, which is one of the strongest industrial establishments in our country with its technical equipment, trained manpower and knowledge, has adopted quality management systems, TSI (Technical Specifications for Interoperability), which is internationally valid in freight wagon manufacturing, and is valid in the field of maintenance and repair. It has been installed and maintained in accordance with ECM (Entity Charge of Maintanance).

Our Sivas Regional Directorate consists of three main factories: Wagon Production Factory, Wagon Repair Factory and Metal Works Manufacturing Factory.

Wagon Production Factory
In our Sivas Regional Directorate, freight wagon production was started on February 14, 1953, in a section of the Wagon Repair Workshop. Manufacturing continued in this workshop until 1988,
After the steam locomotives withdrew from the operation, they moved to the unloaded Locomotive Repair Workshop. After this date, this workshop was organized as a Wagon Production Factory and put into service.

The Wagon Production Factory, which has a closed area of ​​16,262 m², has an installed capacity to manufacture 1,500 freight wagons per year. More than 25 thousand freight wagons of various types and features have been manufactured in our factory so far. Our factory, whose benches and facilities have been modernized with a management approach that closely follows technological developments, is developed every year in line with sectoral needs. In our factory where robot welding technology is used in bogie manufacturing, which is one of the most important components of the wagon, production is carried out in accordance with international standards.

Wagon Repair Factory
The Wagon Repair Factory, which was put into service on October 22, 1939, has a closed area of ​​23,655 m². Our factory has the installed capacity to carry out maintenance, repair and overhaul of 7,500 wagons per year. More than 350,000 freight wagons of various types and tonnages have been repaired in the Wagon Repair Factory so far.

In our factory, there are all kinds of facilities such as robot arm wagon sandblasting facility, bogie sandblasting plant, brake test unit and ultrasonic inspection station for maintenance, repair and revision. The technical infrastructure of our factory is strengthened every year with investments in new machines and facilities in maintenance and repair services as well as in production.
In addition to the damaged wagons in the Wagon Repair Factory, the maintenance and repairs of the new freight wagons taken into periodic maintenance every 5 years are carried out in accordance with the internationally valid ECM requirements. In our factory, repairs of bumper, harness, draw frame and wheel sets of freight wagons are also carried out.

Metal Works Manufacturing Factory
The Metal Works Manufacturing Factory, which was put into service on October 29, 1951, has a closed area of ​​14,049 m². In the Metal Works Manufacturing Factory, which carries out its activities within the scope of wagon repair traceability standard ECM, all kinds of bumpers, leaf spring, traction package, harness and other spare parts of rail system vehicles used in freight and passenger transportation are manufactured and repaired.

In the Machining Branch, a total of 118 workbenches with different features, 27 of which are CNC, 1931 mm. turning diameter, turning up to 6000 mm length, milling up to 7 tons piece weight, planing up to 3000 mm length. In addition, all kinds of mobile forging molds, metal casting models, hot and cold eccentric presses, hot flat press molds and tire molds are manufactured in the factory.

In the Forging and Presses Branch, deep drawing up to 600 tons of compression force, pressing works with eccentric presses up to 450 tons of pressing force, and manufacturing and repair of leaf springs used in 2-axle freight wagons are carried out.

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