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After the Kahramanmaraş-based earthquake that affected eleven provinces in our country and was described as the disaster of the century, we, as the TÜRASAŞ family, provided the necessary support to the earthquake zone in coordination with our Regional Directorates and AFAD from the first day.
A total of 78 people from our Regional Directorates were assigned to support search, rescue and humanitarian aid activities in the earthquake zone. Dec. As a result of search and rescue activities, 38 citizens and 1 dog were Decoupled from the wreckage alive. In addition to search and rescue operations in the disaster area, we actively participated in many activities such as fire response in the region, base station repair, tent city installation and humanitarian aid transportation Dec.

“If they are cold, we will freeze”

A stove was made by our workers working at the TÜRASAŞ Sivas Regional Directorate from materials located at the factory scrap yard so that our earthquake victims would not get cold. “If they are cold, we will freeze."220 stoves made by our workers and 5 tons of scrap firewood were sent to Adıyaman AFAD Center.
After the earthquake, 15 double toilet cubicles, 3 triple toilet cubicles and 1 quadruple shower cubicle were manufactured and shipped to Adiyaman in our Sakarya Regional Directorate taking into account the toilet and shower needs reported as a priority in the urgent needs list published by AFAD. Jul-ju, clean water pipe, waste water pipe, toilet paper, liquid soap, cleaning brush, necessary materials for the cabins produced were supplied and sent together with the toilet cabins. Jul-ju-ju, faucet, waste water pipe, toilet paper, liquid soap, cleaning brush, etc.

Relief Efforts Continue Unabated

An “Emergency Mobilization Call” was made to our personnel for our citizens affected by the earthquake; relief trucks consisting of food, water, drinks, cleaning products, blankets, coats, shoes, diapers, baby clothes, hygiene supplies and medicines were sent to the earthquake zones. The provision of basic needs and humanitarian aid activities are continuing without slowing down.Jul.
A total of 24 earthquake victims, who were directed to our Eskişehir Regional Directorate by the Eskişehir Governorship, were placed in our guesthouse. First of all, it was ensured that our earthquake victims received psychological support services, and their daily needs are regularly monitored with other health services. Our families in the earthquake victims who were also staying in our Sakarya guesthouse were then directed to dormitories and houses determined under the coordination of AFAD.

We Would Like to Express Our Condolences as the TÜRASAŞ Family

We wish mercy from Allah to all our citizens who lost their lives in the earthquake disaster that overwhelmed every member of our country and to our Railwayman colleagues who lost their lives, patience to their families and loved ones, and urgent healing to our injured.

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