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History of Sivas Regional Directorate

The factory, which was established within the body of TCDD for the maintenance and repair works of steam locomotives and freight wagons, started its activities in 1939 under the name of Traction Workshop. With the start of freight wagon production in 1953, the organizational structure was changed, and in 1958 it was renamed Sivas Railway Factories. The factory, which was reorganized in line with the needs of the period in parallel with the development of railway transportation, was transformed into an enterprise under the name of SIDEMAS (Sivas Railway Machinery Organization) in 1975. During the years he was operating as an institution, he undertook the maintenance of the last steam locomotives of our country as well as the production of freight wagons. With the withdrawal of steam locomotives from the business, all of their existing capacity was allocated to freight wagon manufacturing and repair works. In 1986, TÜDEMSAŞ as the subsidiaries of TCDD (Turkey Railway Machines Industry Inc.) took the General Department. In the organizational structure of different periods, status and name changed though, continued its activities as the largest manufacturer of freight cars in our country for many years the factory, 04, published in March 2020 in the Official Gazette 2186 No. established by Presidential Decree TÜRASAŞ (Turkey Rail Vehicle Industry Co.) DG ' and organized as Sivas Regional Directorate.

Since 1939, TÜRASAŞ Sivas Regional Directorate, by closely following the technological developments in the railway sector, revised its production concept according to the requirements of the age, in 1961, the first steam locomotive of our country, BOZKURT, was produced and put into operation. The company, which has come to a position to export freight wagons of different types and features, developed and produced in line with the needs of our country's railways, has exported 240 oil transportation wagons to Iraq in 2002. In 2011, robot technology was used in production, and the Robot Welding Unit consisting of 3 stations and 5 robot arms reached a capacity of 4 thousand bogies per year. In 2015, TSI certified freight wagons were produced; In 2016, wagon repairs were started within the scope of ECM Maintenance Management System. In 2017, the design, projecting, testing and certification processes were completed in a short period of three years, and the New Generation National Freight Wagon, produced with domestic facilities, was launched on the rails.

After 2015, certificated production was started by moving away from traditional methods, and the new generation freight wagons produced with this understanding managed to stand out as the competitive products of the sector. The new generation freight wagons produced in Sivas have been attracted by logistics companies due to their tare, noise levels and low life cycle cost. Our TSI certified freight wagons are exported to many international companies operating in European countries.

In TÜRASAŞ Sivas Regional Directorate, 25 thousand freight wagons have been manufactured and 350 thousand wagons have been maintained, repaired and overhauled.

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