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Type Hs (Mobile Personnel Accommodation Unit)
Tare 15 Ton
Business Characterist Curve Radius 75 m. or higher
Chassis Welded Steel Construction
Daw gear Traction package type 540
Harness with 85kN screw
Eye draw frame hook of 100kN
Brake Compressed air brake system that manually adjusts the brake force according to the load
Chest Section Box frame and coverings aluminum 2 bedrooms, living room, kitchen and shower, air conditioning heating radiator
Buffers 32Kj energy absorption capacity with 105mm stroke
Flooring OSB
Movement 1000 mm monoblock wheel set axle load 20t junction box bearing 120x16mm 8 leaf susta harness
Loading Table       A-B1    B1    B2    C
S    40,5 t    40,5 t    50 t    58 t